FMCG Food Sales - Bamako


We're looking for someone with experience working in the FMCG sector in Mali or Sub-Saharan Africa from firms.

Mainly they would be responsible for sales, distribution, marketing and crucially market research for products of Food such as - Tomato Paste, Instant RTE Foods, Coffee, Milk Powder.


The person should be able to work in a complete range of business activities, from accounts and payments, market research, marketing & Sales to logistics.


Although the area of focus for the role is into food, the person should be flexible and be able to work on the other products of the company such as electrical.


Desired Skills & Requirements

Experience working with local sub-distributors, as he would need to know the credit rating, reliability, and potential sales for local Malian distributors while establishing new customers for us.

Experience in Market Research where they studied market wholesale prices, retail pricing, consumer consumption patterns, visiting households and food vendors to collect data.

Able to spend larger time outside the office- meeting customers, end users, collecting market information, warehouse for monitoring deliveries.

Experience in basic accounts to manage customer outstanding, payments, company expenses.

Marketing and Sales - ranging from planning strategic marketing activities within budget, to physically pitching products to sub-distributors.  

French, English & Bambara Speaking


Products & Services they will be involved in

Trade Services

F&B- Coffee, Dairy, Commodities, Ready to Eat Foods for import & export.


Applications must be sent to no later than 20 May 2019 at 15:00.