Translation Services – English to French / French to English


Creative regularly produces press releases, backgrounders, speech texts, brochures, publicity material, solicitation documents etc. In paper based and electronic medium and other operating documents, such as policies, procedures, job descriptions, financial statements, etc. As a USG contractor, Creative has an obligation to provide all of these documents in both official languages. Therefore, translated versions must reflect a high standard of quality established for communication products and designed for various public entities and individuals. The required services must often be provided under tight deadlines, during the evening and on weekends, and the quantity of documents to be dealt with is often significant.

Creative requires the services of qualified suppliers to provide translation, editorial and related services for specific publications and information products. These products are disseminated externally and internally, in print and/or electronic formats, depending on the needs of the specific target audiences. Products include policy position papers, discussion papers, reports, fact sheets, speeches and other documents. These products may combine text with tables, graphics and special layout requirements, depending on the medium/media used.

The total annual dollar value of contracted translation and editing services, including comparative editing, at Creative is estimated at $XXXX per year.


Creative intends to award up to XX  contracts for the services required to complete the Work, associated with Translation Services. Contracts will be issued on an “as and when required” basis from date of contract award to XXXX, with two (2), one (1) year options to extend. 

Scope of Work

The Contractors will provide Creative, on an “as and when required” basis, with timely professional-quality translation, quality control of text from English to French; adaptation of English texts into French; comparing two-language texts for accuracy.

More specifically, the Contractor will:

•    Provide translation services, mainly from English to French, with a translation capacity of 2,000 words in a 7.5 hour period; without machine translation. Texts that obviously have been translated using machine translation software will fail quality control and will be deemed unsatisfactory and counted as such.
•    Compare translation to originals to ensure integrity, accuracy and quality of texts, which are distributed simultaneously. Insert in the translated text all missing words or parts of the original text.
•    Meet the production deadlines as short as an hour, as specified by Creative.
•    Deliver documents in an electronic version on a compatible electronic medium and/or paper, to respect the original version.
•    Be able to respond, frequently within a one hour period, to urgent requests for services, driven by Creative’s obligations, unannounced administrative demands, etc. On occasion the Contractor may be asked to work in the evening or on weekends.


Contractor should note that the services delivered under the proposed Contract will be on an “as and when required” basis. The amount of work associated with the services in the Contract is fully dependent upon the demands.