Request for Information template. To be used to email to vendors.


Dear Business Partners,


International Medical Corps is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering. We deliver vital healthcare services that focus on training and help devastated populations return to self-reliance.


We are preparing COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign, and we are conducting market research for procurement of Cold Chain Equipment (CCE) and Cold Chain Consumables (CCC)

Our goal is to find reliable partners able to timely provide certified, cost effective quality solutions in Cold Chain Equipment segment.


On behalf of International Medical Corps, I would appreciate if you can provide feedback by filling in the attached table.

You will see we are aiming to understand your product portfolio, technical specifications, price, availability and lead times, transport capability and certificates your products carry (potentially, we could consider your products for various countries).

Response deadline:

Information (filled in RFI) needs to be submitted no later than 16:00h (Mali time) on February 3rd 2021, but would appreciate sooner if possible.


Response Submission:

  • Email address:


Please see attached documents that require your attention:

  • RFI 01-0001-BKO-2021 (please read carefully and provide your information by filling the form)
  • Note where brand/model is mentioned, this is used as reference and you may offer alternative that is WHO prequalified or meets minimum specifications. Make sure to indicate.


In case you are not already registered as our supplier and If you wish to do so, please follow instructions at this link (Attached the required documentation to be registered as a Vendor in the IMC Online Vendor Catalogue). This is pre-requirement to any contract with International Medical Corps but is not mandatory requirement for participation in this market survey.


This RFI does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the International Medical Corps, nor does it commit International Medical Corps to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an offer.  We may and likely will use this information for decision making for actual procurement. We may also consider launching a tender for long term agreement with short listed suppliers who meet technical and other specs and are able to guarantee fixed price/stock holding for the duration of contract (i.e. 12 months).


If you have questions about this Request For Information due to specific instructions, or If you should be in need of an extension of deadline please contact sender via email by replying to all in this email.

Thank you in advance